I Surrender

it goes bump'a bump bump bump
it's a pounding in my pump
it's a knocking yeah
it's a knocking at my door
it's the sound that makes me jump
start to rethink all i've thunk
think i have been gone on the lam so long
that i can't bring back what for

look through the keyhole
only to make sure it's her, my warrior
no sword, no gun
just a heart and a tongue to defend her
she says "come out with your hands up"
and i say, i surrender

in that shack of mud and pine
where the bare walls kept me safe
from the stinging sand
from the water and the wind
she kept sailing through my mind
an approaching ocean wave
i could spy her spies
when i closed my eyes
i could feel her closing in

i heard her in the rain
and in the morning birds, my warrior
those familiar voices
so strong and yet always so tender
singing "come out with your hands up"
as i sang, i surrender

so take me away, take me home
i'll give thee my warrior nights
i'd serve anyone who prefers that i live
but who'll love me dead or alive

everyone knows there comes a time
when holding back's the only crime
and my warrior well i've been her repeat offender
but now i step through that doorway
as i say, i surrender

© 2019 No Songs (ASCAP)