GPS Lady

made it through the day, got off at five
gotta clear my head so i'm goin' for a drive
no one left to please, i'm my own boss now
gonna find this restaurant i've been hearin' about
but as the memory of my manager's finally fadin'
suddenly i hear a voice say "recalculatin'"

i resent the implication and the condescending tone
if you're gonna be a B about it, i'll just get there on my own
gonna turn you off if you keep treatin' me like a baby
stop nudgin', stop judgin' me
GPS lady, GPS lady

come on we're all adults here, we've all made mistakes
you've butchered some street names i've slammed on some brakes
i can sense you snickering, lady, please
you may have the maps, baby, but i've got the keys
sometimes i may get lost, but i find my way home
so let her who's never "lost the signal"
cast the first stone

yes, i know you said "in two miles", but that's no reason to fight
sure, you said to make a "slight" left, but i guess i heard "sharp right"
and you send me down one-ways the wrong way, pretty much daily
so stop rushin', stop judgin' me GPS lady
GPS lady, GPS lady

remember back when i first took you out
when we were young, when we were proud
showed you off to my friends, said "give her any address"
you used to make life better senorita gps!

oh what happened to us sweetheart? used to have a real good thing
were you anglin' for an upgrade? were you hoping for a ring?
so you're no longer my hero, you can still save me
stop fussin', stop judgin' me, GPS lady, GPS lady
and may be we can still work it out, GPS baby
we'll find our way, maybe
GPS lady, GPS lady

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