made a little error; i do think that it scared her
made a little blunder; i do think that it stunned her
made a little freud-slip; then i heard my pants rip
made a little screw-up; then it kinda blew up

"error!" i decree "error!" woe is me
"error!" i think i'll climb a tree

made a little blooper; put 'em in a stupor
made a little faux pas; should've said 'aloha'
had a little slipped tongue; garbage flying outta my lung
little left for me to blow; my life's a real-world gong show

"error!" i decree "error!" woe is me
"error!" forgiveness set me free

such a stupid greeting; my self-respect is fleeting
what an idiotic statement; just asking for beratement
better keep my mouth shut if i don't want my tongue cut by an angry mob

the evening was a big mess; guess i wore the wrong dress
social norms i didn't know appeared to dictate from the get-go
serious respect lost; guess i shouldn't have had my legs crossed
goddamn miscommunications terrorizing my relations

"error!" i decree "error!" woe is me
"error!" i'm trying, can't you see

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