The Nightmare

used to make me tremble, shiver, shake
not knowing if i was deep asleep or wide awake
now i don't care what's inside my head and what's really there
tell the monsters under my bed they can stay
they must be peeved, to be make believe
tell them i'm not gonna bite, not gonna scream
if the nightmare of life is a dream

once made me ache deep in my bones
not knowing if god was watching or i's on my own
but if there's a god, then he's doing such a, well, shitty job
that he really should be fired anyway
and if he sues, we've nothing to lose
so let him take us to court, let his crack legal team
prove the nightmare of life is dream

dear davinci, pinch me pinch me
show me i'm awake
paint me, probe me, o, first disrobe me
take me, leo, take

used to take for granted signs of life
green people and orange leaves and beasts of brown and white
i used to sleep at the bottom of the blue ocean's deep
and i'd swim right up to the surface with the sun
where i'd find your lips, in the sharks, in the ships
and i swear just for a moment it would seem
that the nightmare of life is a dream

© 2019 No Songs (ASCAP)