i know no better, i know no other, mother

you were another mother's little girl
long before you brought me into this world
the middle child, two girls, a boy
a distant land called illinois, mother

you are our constant, you are our color, mother

you always had a heart a bit oversized
you always had that ageless look in your eyes
you went to school, where you met dad
and soon you saw what you could have, mother

we won't surrender, won't let you suffer, mother

you don't look bad, you seem to think i do
well, mom, i'm mad at what you're going through
but we're gonna laugh, when the going's through
and spring's still spring, and you're still you

cuz once your children had some ones of their own
they promptly moved 'em right back here close to home
so they could grow up hand in hand
with their own queen of soul, their grandmother

so we will not lose you, we have no other mother
the very thought it makes us all shudder, mother

yeah you spent thirty odd years clearing the clouds
of the souls at work, and the ones in your house
the moment you agreed to rest
there came a flood up in your chest, mother

may they repair you, may you recover, mother
because we need you, because we love ya, mother

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