lust is a movie that never begins
just previews and credits, then gone with the wind
the script needs a doctor, the plot needs an arc
and now i'm just sitting alone in the dark

there is nothing to do with a gun

love is a novel that young people buy
but the words quickly fade and the characters die
so why can't we skim it just to see how it ends
what's disappointment and pain between friends

there is nothing to hang on a string

and all of god's children go mad
ha ha, ha ha
and mary didn't know what she had
baah baah, baah baah

life is a painting that's never complete
some sticks to the canvas, some falls at your feet
and someday we'll leave it to dry in the sun
but it won't be by choice and we still won't be done

there is nowhere to fly in a room
baah baah boom

© 2019 No Songs (ASCAP)