i'd give the shirt right off my back
the pants off my legs, yeah, them too
when you're in danger i'd attack
i'll serve and protect you

i'll be your own sweet little guy
your lesser half
and if at times i make you cry
i'll make you laugh, too

but i will never be normal for you

i see the company you keep
doesn't know what to make of me
and they'd prefer an average creep
to a creep who's as strange as me

and yes, at times i look or do
or say something odd
but you know that we're all made
in the image of god, yes it's true

and i will never be normal for you

to review, i'd do almost anything for you
to keep you close, to know you'll still be mine
but being normal's where i have to draw the line

so whenever you're lost or trapped out there
i'll help you to break through
and love, whatever i can share
you know that i'll break it in two

i'll take a hit, i'll take the blame
i'll travel through hell
i'll call the cops, i'll call your name
i'll do anything else you want me to do

but i will never be normal for you
i will never be normal for you

© 2019 No Songs (ASCAP)