Please find below some of the nice things people have said about Noam’s music.

Beautiful and soulful.
Thoughtful and tuneful.
-Nashville Scene

Delightfully melodic.
-Boston Phoenix
Utterly unique.
-Performing Songwriter
Deserves notice.
-All Music Guide
Irresistible… Hooked on first listen.
-Sphere Music
Intoxicating… Rich melodic tapestries. Songs that could eventually be standards.
-No Depression
Great songs… A wonderful voice… Tracks that—in a perfect world—would be hit singles.
Tunes that wouldn’t sound out of place on the jukebox in your favorite bar… Keen observations, incisively stated.
-Time Out New York
Catchy pop tunes… Deep introspective lyrics… Will appeal to fans of Tom Waits, Joe Henry, Elvis Costello, and Randy Newman.
Noam’s been attracting comparisons to every famous, literate, American songwriter… Hooks aplenty… A real find.
Listen once and you’re hooked.
-Folk Words
Catchy, charming, soulful, poignant.
-New Beats
Something of an inadvertent jingle genius.
-Music Connection
Warm expressive vocals with a quite nice edginess.
-American Roots UK
A songwriter who could walk the path to the pantheon of the American Popular Song… An album to enjoy again and again.
-Blues Bunny
Noam has already written several songs with the potential to be big, national hits.
-New England Music Scrapbook
A defiantly eclectic sonic stew… From confessional to triumphant, disturbing to joyous…
-Fatea Magazine
A thrilling songwriter.
-Nashville Rage
Carefully arranged. Deftly sung.
-Village Voice
-Boston Globe
Soulful and intricate.
-Boston Magazine
Artfully composed.
A ridiculous amount of talent.
-Acoustic Live
An amazing ability to intertwine subtle humor and endearing lyrics with infectious grooves.
If Ben Folds and Jeff Tweedy had a love
child, his name would probably be Noam.
-Chart Magazine
Brilliant… Inventive… For the mature rock fan.
-Night Times
A plaintive sweetness… A wicked sense of humor… On top of great
songwriting and performance, Weinstein’s also a hell of a
-Cambridge TAB
Written from the heart and sung with originality and soulfulness.
-A&R Online
Wholly unique… Noam hangs lyrical lines upon
his melodies that range from the smartly hilarious to the profoundly touching, and backs it all up
with stunning musicality on the guitar & piano.
-The Low Down NY
Zwolf Runden entscheidet Weinstein mindestens acht, mit Joe-Jackson-verve, Wilco-Empfindsamkeit und Zappa-eskem unfug.
-Rolling Stone Germany
Weinstein crée des chansons avec de l’esprit, du charme, de la poésie, de l’ironie, de
la romance et, forcément, de la profondeur.
-Daily Rock France
We nu meteen direct helemaal ondersteboven zijn van het album bezit ze een onherroepelijke kwaliteit die je niet zomaar kan faken.
-Heaven Magazine NL

Noam’s shows have also been recommended by publications like The New Yorker, L.A. Weekly, The Austin Chronicle, and The London Hit Sheet.

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