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July 24th, 2015

Noam has begun recording a new album, On Waves, which will be available in early 2016. More coming on this soon!
Noam Weinstein has the gift of unique perspective. While most of the situations he writes about are universal, you seldom find them framed in the weird, witty way that seems second nature for him. Parenthood is a perfect case in point -- you're unlikely to hear the topic tackled similarly by anyone else. "Childproof" opens the album by presenting a paranoid pair of parents who want to cordon off the entire world for the safety of their new offspring. Peering into his parental future on "The '80s", Weinstein imagines his kid grown up and mocking pictures from the past the same way he laughs at outmoded fashions in old photos today. Bottlefed isn't purely a parenthood album by any means; one of the most striking songs is the intriguing "My Voice", a track that could be about a writer's internal conflict, a deal between a celebrity and a ghost writer, the compact between man and God, or all (or none) of the above. -- iTunes Editorial Review
Next Appearance — Saturday, April 11th in New York City
Special guest with The Universal Thump at Joe's Pub
Noam's most recent project is Clocked, an album of twelve songs about knockouts and wakeups. (Reviews can be found here.)

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