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Welcome to eNoam! This is the official website for award-wanting American musician Noam Weinstein. Please find current events below or choose another option above.
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Noam recently released his latest studio album, Bottlefed, a collection of twelve new songs about the innocent, the infantile, and the imitated. The album is now available via iTunes, Amazon and Capitalism. Samples are available free of charge at NoSongs, and reviews can be found here. Next Appearance: Friday, August 29, 8:30pm at Passim in Cambridge, MA
Noam's most recent project is Clocked, an album of twelve songs about knockouts and wakeups. (Reviews can be found here.)

House Concerts — Please email for details
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for bookings please email or call 917.620.5984  |  photos by adam jason  |  jplayer skin by per sandström